Youth & College Prevention Programs


Did you know that Nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults occur to children ages 17 and under. 1 in 5 tweens knows a victim of dating violence. 1 in 10 teens (11-18 years old) said a romantic partner had prevented them from using a cell phone.

Every person can work to prevent sexual and dating violence by promoting healthy and positive relationships that are based on respect, safety, and equality.  SAFE Homes-Rape Crisis Coalition (SHRCC) offers a variety of workshops and programs for children and teens to prevent dating violence and sexual abuse and assault.

The best way to protect young people from sexual violence is to offer primary violence prevention education. Primary prevention means that instead of focusing on risk reduction or getting help after an assault occurs, these programs identify factors and behaviors that can lead to violence and work to modify them before violence occurs. SHRCC programs comply with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control, SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, the SC Comprehensive Health Education Act, and Erin’s Law.

Here are some of the programs/curriculums we offer our youth:

  • Youth Violence Prevention Program (YVPP) – For Middle & High School, College 101
    • Six-session program on bystander intervention & prevent sexual violence
  • Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) – For High School & College
    • Bystander approach to gender violence & bullying prevention by Jackson Katz
  • Step UP! Bystander Intervention Program -High School & College
    • Step UP! is a prosocial behavior and bystander intervention program that educates students to be proactive in helping others
  • Building Healthy Relationships (K-5th Grade)
    • Sexual Harassment Prevention & Relationship Skills Curriculum
  • Bullying (3-5th Grade/single session)
  • Hands Are Not For Hurting (HANFH) (K-2nd grade/single session)
  • Three Kinds of Touches (PreK-1st grade/single session)
    • Sexual Violence Prevention Program
  • SAFE Dates (2nd Edition) – For High School Students
    • An Adolescent Dating Abuse Prevention Curriculum