CDC: Injury and Violence in the U.S.


Injuries and violence affect everyone, regardless of age, race, or economic status. In the first half of life, more Americans die from violence and injuries — such as motor vehicle crashes, falls, or homicides — than from any other cause, including cancer, HIV, or the flu. This makes injury the leading cause of death among persons 1-44.

Injury- and violence-related deaths are only part of the problem

Nearly 199,800 deaths from injury each year—1 person every 3 minutes.1 But these deaths are on the tip of the iceberg. Each year, millions of people are injured and survive. They are faced with life-long mental, physical, and financial problems.

  • 2.5 million people were hospitalized due to injuries in 20142
  • 26.9 million people were treated in an emergency department for injuries in 20142

Injury and violence also has an alarming economic toll. The total costs of injuries and violence in the United States was $671 billion in 2013. The costs associated with fatal injuries was $214 billion while nonfatal injuries accounted for over $457 billion.3

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Infographic: Injury and Violence in the U.S. by the Numbers