Emergency Shelter


When home is anything but sweet…

 Instead of being the one place where families are safe, secure, and loved, the home may be a site of ongoing domestic and/or sexual violence.  Imagine living in fear, terror and real physical harm—with memories that leave life-long scars.

People often wonder why those suffering from domestic violence don’t leave.  Ending a violent relationship isn’t easy.  Most victims feel isolated—emotionally, physically, and economically—from friends, family, and other support systems.  Sometimes batterers maintain control by threats, insults or humiliation.  Punching, burning, rape, stabbing, and shooting are common forms of abuse.

SAFE Homes-Rape Crisis Coalition is a place for victims and their dependent children to turn to escape violence and abuse in their homes.  We offer comprehensive programs providing safety, supportive services, and resources to victims and children.  In the absence of such support, many victims would be forced to choose between staying in abusive relationships or living on the streets.

The location of our shelter is confidential an will not be given out to anyone.  Transportation to our shelter is available.  Call SAFE Homes-Rape Crisis Coalition for more information.

24-Hour Crisis Line

Calling our crisis line is the first step in reaching out for help.  Professional staff and trained volunteers provide support, counseling, and information resources about shelter and community services.  SAFE Homes-Rape Crisis Coalition can provide immediate safety at a confidential location.

There is SAFE Shelter (24/7)

SAFE Homes-Rape Crisis Coalition provides temporary emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and their dependent children for up to 60 days. At the end of their time, their stay can be extended by 30 days upon approval from the Director. We offer individualized services to each adult and child who seeks shelter from us, including legal advocacy, individual and group therapy, and a peer support group.

In order to qualify for placement, the person must:

  • Reside in Spartanburg, Cherokee or Union County
  • Have been physically abused or threatened with physical abuse with a past history of physical abuse by a spouse, a common law spouse, an ex-spouse, or a live-in partner.
  • Have lived with the abuser at some time
  • Must be in danger of further abuse
  • Must be homeless due to an abusive relationship
  • At least 17 years old or older

Additional guidelines:

  • A resident must be able to care for herself
  • A resident must be able to participate in individual and group activities
  • A resident must be able to emotionally function in the shelter setting
  • A resident must be willing to follow house rules and participate in shelter duties
  • The victim must directly request shelter placement on her own

Multilingual Access

SAFE Homes-Rape Crisis Coalition will not turn away a victim of domestic violence family because of language barriers.  We have various staff and volunteers who assist us to ensure that language and culturally appropriate services are provided in her native language.