Aug 022018

SAFE Homes – Rape Crisis Coalition

2017 Year End Statistics Report

  • we assisted 2,565 adults and 1,273 children traumatized by domestic violence and sheltered 354 adults and children
  • we assisted 315 direct and 141 indirect  victims of sexual assault
  • we provided 4,698 individual  and 1,636 family therapy sessions for 624 people
  • we also provided 232 therapy/support groups  which were attended by 259 individuals
  • we accompanied 103 victims of sexual assault to the hospital
  • we assisted 328 victims with filing order of protection petitions and attended 1,363 hearings with domestic violence and sexual assault victims
  • we provided 633 education/prevention programs reaching 134,367 individuals
  • 2,031 volunteers contributed 26,611 hours this year

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