Sep 252013

The State


COLUMBIA, SC — South Carolina moved the wrong direction in a national ranking on criminal domestic violence deaths.

The state was ranked first in the United States in the number of women killed by men, according to a report released this week by the Violence Policy Center in Washington D.C. The ranking was based on 2011 crime data where 61 women were reported killed at the hands of men. The homicide rate among females murdered by males was 2.54 per 100,000 people, the report said.

It is the third time South Carolina has been ranked first number one. Last year, South Carolina ranked second in the annual report.

“It is our hope that this report will be a call to action for the leadership of South Carolina and its citizens to recognize the seriousness of the problem in our state and begin to work collaboratively to find real solutions that improve the safety and lives of women in our state,” says Colleen Campbell Bozard, Interim Executive Director of the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.


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