Jul 102012

As you all know, Governor Haley has vetoed $453,000 in the DHEC budget for rape crisis centers (Veto 51).  Here’s a basic breakdown of DHEC state funding:


  •  Last year, programs statewide received $403K in appropriated funds and $239K in allocated funds, for a total of $642K.  This year, we were able to get a 33% reinstatement, bringing the total allocated funds to $453K, with appropriated funds remained the same, bringing the total funding to $856K.  The amount that the Governor has vetoed is the $453K in allocated funds.
  •  If this veto stands, not only will we not receive the partial reinstatement, but it would result in a 37% reduction in DHEC funding.


The good news is that this veto can still be overridden.  House members are coming back next Tuesday to begin working on the budget vetoes.  To make sure they override this veto, we need all of your help.


1.  Please call your Representatives.  Please urge them to override Veto 51, which eliminates funding to sexual assault programs.  

Tell them this veto would result in a 37% decrease in state funding for your area program.  And let them know how important this funding is to people in your community.

This is a major deal for us. Decreases in these funds will impact the number of education programs we are able to provide in schools and our community at large. It will also impact the number of training programs we provide. It may also impact the outreach we are able to do with underserved populations in our rural areas.

2.  Please send a letter and an email to your Senators and Representatives.

3.  Please get the word out to your local area and media.

South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (SCCADVASA) press release:  http://sccadvasa.org/about/newsroom/232-press-statement-in-response-to-governor-haleys-veto-of-funding-for-rape-crisis-centers.html.


We know you are all incredibly busy, but we really need everyone to make sure this veto is overridden.  Thank you all for your help.  Let’s get this funding back!


Here is a contact list of your local Senators:

Senator Glenn R. Reese: (803) 212-6108

Senator Lee Bright: (803) 212-6108

Senator Harvey S. Peeler, Jr.: (803) 212-6430

Senator Shane R. Martin: (803) 212-6100


Here is a contact list of your local SC Representatives for SAFE Homes-Rape Crisis Coalition:


State Representatives Business Phone (Local Area) Statehouse Office Phone (803) Office Location (Blatt Building)
Bill Chumley 864-303-2726 212-6894 304A
Dennis Moss 864-761-6353 734-3073 418A
Derham Cole 864-591-1113 212-6790 402B
Doug Brannon 864-573-0048 212-6876 404D
Eddie Tallon 864-380-8777 212-6893 402A
Harold Mitchell 864-621-0881 734-6638 414C
Mike Anthony 864-429-1740 734-3060 432D
Mike Forrester 864-592-6204 212-6972 402D
Rita Allison 864-909-1092 212-6788 402C
Steve Moss 212-6885 418D
Steve Parker 864-978-0195 212-6878 404C

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