Jun 192012

Washington, DC (June 12, 2012) – Greater awareness of human trafficking is leading to more trafficking victims being identified and served, Polaris Project announced today with the release of its 2011 Annual Report of the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) hotline. Victims of human trafficking are especially difficult to identify since they often do not self-report and because the crime of trafficking is both clandestine and involves holding victims in situations against their will.  In 2011, call volume increased by 64 percent over the previous year.  Call Specialists answered 19,427 calls, and 2,945 victims of human trafficking were connected to services and support. Most encouraging, the report highlights that calls from self-identifying victims increased by 61% in 2011, a sign that the hotline number is reaching those people most in need.

Key 2011 NHTRC Hotline Statistics 
  • Calls to the hotline by self-identifying victims of human trafficking increased nearly 61% over 2010.
  • Sex trafficking was reported in 52% of cases, and labor trafficking or exploitation in 48% of cases.
  • U.S. citizens made up 391 cases (46%), and 306 cases (just under 36%) involved foreign nationals.
  • The NHTRC hotline received calls from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The states where potential human trafficking was most frequently reported were California, Texas, Florida, and New York.
  • The NHTRC received 578 “crisis calls” – 4% of the total calls to the hotline — where there was a threat of imminent danger or harm to a victim of human trafficking and an immediate response was required.
  • Approximately 15% of calls were tips about a potential human trafficking situation, and 12% were “at-risk” calls that referenced related forms of abuse and exploitation, including labor exploitation, domestic violence, sexual assault, and more.
    To download a copy of the report, go to http://www.polarisproject.org/resources/hotline-statistics.

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