May 122011

Food Rescue works in cooperation with the SNC (Spartanburg Nutrition Council) to increase the demand for and availability of healthy food in Spartanburg County. The SNC defines Food Rescue as “The collection of surplus, prepared and perishable food from DHEC certified kitchens, and the distribution of that surplus food to social service agencies that feed the people they serve.”

Why Food Rescue???

Each year about 27% of America’s food gets thrown out. The cost for municipalities alone to dispose of such food exceeds $1 billion in local tax funds annually. The annual value of the excess food is estimated at around $31 billion. If just 5 percent of the food waste were recovered, 4 million additional Americans could be fed each day. In Spartanburg County, over 11% of our residents are classified as living below poverty level. What can be done to bridge the gap between hunger and waste? Food Rescue, defined by Spartanburg County Food Rescue (SCFR), as the collection of surplus prepared foods from DHEC certified kitchens which may include restaurants, caterers and institutions, grocery stores and distributed to social service organizations that feed people they serve.

Restaurants participating in food rescue are protected by both state and federal legislation that limits the liability of donors to instances of gross negligence and intentional misconduct.

How it works:

The following procedure is used to ensure the integrity of the SCFR mission and maintain the reputation established over the years since incorporated in 2003. There are several social service agencies that follow a weekly schedule to make food pickups at a variety of locations. Any new social service agency wanting to participate must make application and be approved by the SCFR Board of Directors.

Spartanburg Childrens Shelter
Glenn Springs Academy
Spartanburg Soup Kitchen
Cross Culture Institute
Safe Homes-Rape Crisis Coalition
Hope House
An organization cell phone(864.237.0147) is transferred to the social service organization assigned to pick up each week. The agency responsible for an assigned week must pick up in a timely manner. If there is in an excessive amount of goods to be picked up, that agency calls other agencies to share the goods. There are specific locations that request their donations be picked up on a daily schedule.

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